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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Symbolic or Real?

Most dreams are symbolic. They use symbols to convey information about situations in our waking lives. But sometimes the literal nature of dreams amazes me. 

Two nights before the Chilean earthquake occurred and set off a tsunami in the Pacific, I dreamt a man dropped my cell phone in a glass of water, rendering it inoperable. However, I didn't seem too upset about it. 

The dream accurately depicted a waking-life scenario––one I couldn't have known about in advance. The man I live with was visiting friends in Hawaii at the time. Because of the tsunami, he was evacuated to a remote place inland where his cell phone didn't work. I couldn't help laughing at how my dream described the situation, and let me know there was nothing to worry about. 


lilarmysis said...

Yes my husband wakes up every night a 3:15-3:30 and goes out side to the dark, his dreams wake home but he says that he gets paralyzed

Skye Alexander said...

Thanks for commenting. I've read that temporary paralysis in dreams is fairly common.